Every Generation Has a Story…

  In 1995, when I was five years old, I remember going on a long road trip. We had a TV in our car that had a VHS player attached to it. We had a small trunk that had a few movies in it. I remember opening this trunk and seeing something I wasn't supposed … Continue reading Every Generation Has a Story…


Why I Love: LOST

This will be hard to write without Spoilers but as my intent is to hopefully get people who have never seen the show to watch it, to sit down and watch what I regard a six season Masterpiece, I will do what I can and avoid any freakish spoilers of this show. Perhaps I will … Continue reading Why I Love: LOST

Had to write a speech about me. (SUPER EASY RIGHT!?)

I got graded to talk about myself....Cake.   (had to write it like an outline deal with it) 1.INTRO Attention Grabber: There are two Devon Bailey’s on Internet Movie Database.com also known as Imdb.com. One is an attractive older lady….the other is me. Today I’m going to tell you about three things I am very … Continue reading Had to write a speech about me. (SUPER EASY RIGHT!?)