Here I am.


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Ready or not….

I have hidden under a pile of clothes in the closet

He searches the house, the kitchen, under the table

He searches for what is precious to him

“Are you….in the pantry?

He looks for me.

He walks into His bedroom.

He opens his large closet door and turns on the light.

Seeing the pile of dirty clothes a smile comes on his face.

“Where are you?” “Where are you?”

He comes into the room asking his question but I bubble up and cover my mouth, not wanting to be heard.

A thought comes to me

Maybe he will be mad that I took his clean clothes off the hangers and threw them on the floor.

I am suddenly afraid of what I have done and I plan to stay quiet till he leaves and then hide the clothes

“Where are you son?”  He says flicking through the clean clothes hanging up around me.

“I wonder where my boy is?”

But suddenly his presence brings me warmth and I get excited. I begin to laugh at the thought of him finding me.

Hearing my laughter he asks again “Where areeee youuu?”
And the happiness can no longer be hidden. The hiding can no longer continue.

I burst through the mess

Jumping out hands in the air

I’m here daddy!

He fakes his surprise and lifts me up. “I found you!”

He holds me close in his arms.

I am unaware of how easy I was to find.

I thought I had hidden too well.

I think about playing the game again

But being found was the most exciting part.

Besides, my Dad is too good at that game.

One thought on “Here I am.

  1. Beautiful, Devon. Spoke right to my heart. I’m trying to hide and it’s true…He’s too good at this game.

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