The Front Row.

Hey friends, my name is Devon and  if you guys knew me really well you would know I'm defined by a few things. One of them perhaps most known is I LOVE movies. I own far too many. Hundreds and hundreds of dvds. It's probably a problem. I love to read.  Recently all productivity in … Continue reading The Front Row.

Why I Love: Dave Matthews Band

Back in the old myspace days  I remember several friends having a music video on their page.You remember those days. You had to go and find the embed codes and paste them in the middle of all this gibberish. It was a pre-youtube world. Anyways this video was incredible. So well made. Such an interesting … Continue reading Why I Love: Dave Matthews Band

Operation:Megatrip Part II: The Best Week of My Life

This is the song that I started Megatrip with. Schedule for the week: MONDAY:Arrive in Atlanta TUESDAY:Concert at Phillips Arena Wednesday:Drive to North Charleston/Concert at the North Charleston Colosseum Thursday:Drive to Charlottesville, Va./See the Night Life/Get settled Friday:Get in Line/Night 1 show at John Paul Jones Arena Saturday:Explore the town/Night 2 show at John Paul … Continue reading Operation:Megatrip Part II: The Best Week of My Life