Story of The Glasses

It all started with me stealing a pair of glasses from my friend Ashleigh Tucker. I thought the glasses were in all senses of the word “groovy” so I wore them to the Dave Matthews Band show in West Palm. At that show we waved at all the Band’s buses coming in. I was wearing the shades and the bassist Stefan Lessard’s bus came by and he waved at us. We sat near the buses for a while then Stefan came out wearing the EXACT same shades and gave my friends and I the “rock on” symbol. That night Tim Reynolds (guitarist)  wore the identical shades on stage.

So naturally I told everyone they were mine. I lied yes. BUT a few months later Tim Reynolds and his band TR3 came and played a show in Tallahassee. That night we tried to officially get Tim to wear them and with the help of my dear friend Logan Stanford it was a SUCCESS! We were pumped and it was already incredible, the beginning of what would be a ridiculous tradition.

A few months later Weezer was coming to perform a free concert at The Civic Center. Naturally I knew I was getting myself a front row seat AND I DID! So to test my luck I was waving the glasses up the entire night and finally during their song Pork & Beans, front man Rivers Cuomo came over to me and put his hand out, I tossed the glasses up on stage and he wore them. He shortly after tossed them back. This was 2 for 2.

(Go to 2:25 in the video)

Also got featured in the paper for that concert!


Now this year I did my annual trip to South Florida to see DMB. At the very last minute my bud James Ross (Landingham) told me he had an extra pit ticket (general admission front stage). Thus again I was determined to get front row. So I brought two pairs of shades one for me and one for Dave. I told everyone before hand I was going to make this happen and many laughed and gave me a sarcastic “good luck”. I ran in and got my front row seat. Right in front of the mic. At the start of the show I held them high and Dave gave me a smirk. At the very end of the show during the song Jimi Thing, I threw them up on stage. They landed right on the mic stand but he didn’t see them. He walked away and played a jam with the violinist Boyd Tinsley. He came back and we were all waving for him to look down but he didn’t see it. This was going to be my only chance. My favorite musician. Would he put them on? He turned around and began talking to Carter (the drummer) when he came back he got the glance looked down and picked up my shades. Everyone I told before the show and all my friends on the lawn FREAKED OUT. It was a freakin awesome moment of my life. Dave began the Jimi Thing scat and even included a line about “I can’t see you”. So yes Dave Matthews sang about my glasses. There is a video below.

Go to (1:58) to see the glasses put on and go to (4:07) to see Dave point and nod at me then make fun of how I was asking him all night to do it.

(Here’s the view from the lawn)

Up next I have Pit Tickets to see Jack Johnson. We will see if I can press my luck and keep this streak going.


Got Zach Gill of Jack Johnson’s band to wear them on stage


The Jack Johnson show was fantastic. I got to meet him before the show started and gave him a love pin. Come show time I once again got front row thanks to some nice friends saving me a spot in the center. In the middle of the show I start holding them up and Jack Johnson stops at the beginning of a song and says something like “Would you like to give those to me” I was like “I’d let you wear them” So he took them put them on then said “ya know my friend Zach has been saying all summer that he needs a new pair of shades. So I think I’ll just give them to him” Zach Gill puts them on then for the rest of the show they sat on his keyboard. And yes I got them back. A crew member hopped up on stage and tossed them back to me!

UPDATE! I got Trombone Shorty to wear two different pairs one in South Carolina and the other in Viriginia 🙂 (Check his album out BACKATOWN I swear he’s the next big thing). His shows were fantastic!  By the end of the week he recognized my friends and I. We met him the last night in Charlottesville. We were the first in line to get his autograph. He walks up, sits down, looks up, and then just laughs and says “You guys”. We got him to sign some stuff. Here are the photo’s and vids.

Well….we have ANOTHER update 🙂

I can say who it is right now but I’d rather just show you the photo first!

Drummmmmmm rolllllllllllllll pleeeeeeeeeasssssse









At the last minute my buddy Austin decided to be an amazing friend and got me a ticket to see Willie. Minutes later it sold out. I had the ticket and we were some of the only people there. So I sped home (SPED.) and I grabbed my glasses hopped back into my car and sped back. Austin and I were first in line (behind our new buddy Don and his family). We got into the venue and got right up front. Needless to say Willie is an amazingly nice guy who loves his fans. It took nothing. I held them up Willie smiled laughed and asked me to toss them up. I did and he caught them. He put them on and the place erupted with applause. He wore them for a solid ten minutes. (or maybe it just felt like ten minutes haha) He had them on for a while. He then kindly tossed them back :). I got his pick and an autograph too! I really thought I was pushing it by trying to get Willie to wear them….now I feel like I might have magic powers.

Here is a not so great video. Hopefully a better one will surface !

Here’s a vid of Willie throwing them back. His face is hidden a bit by the glare so you can’t see too well. Vid and pic courtesy of (1:59 in the video below)

To top this story off FEATURED my story 🙂



Got the lead singer of O.A.R. to wear my red shades on stage at a small venue in Tally. Sadly didn’t get any photos or videos but I do have the audio from the show (below) It was a dark venue and I had these gloves that had neon lights on them and I held the shades in my hand with the lights on and I think it caught Marc off guard haha.

(If you have any photos/or videos of these artist wearing my glasses please lemme know! Still looking for a video from the Jack Johnson concert and am always welcome to more photos!)

24 thoughts on “Story of The Glasses

  1. great story bout the glasses! keep on taking them to shows! btw thanks for keeping up with the Facebook page…very informative and fun…sad that its over though! didnt get to meet you all in cville..glad you had a great time in my hometown! i just love that place! anyway thanks again and take care!

  2. You totally crack me up! I don’t know how you do it…but you always do! I can’t wait to see whose next! I also think you should email this story to Jimmy Fallon and every other talk show you can think of…I totally want to see you share this story on TV! Love you…

  3. looking good ,love your songs,my son going to take me to see you in july, its my birthday,and mothers day gife, the best i vere had iv been wonting to come see you for years,this will be my first time, and i cant waite, so be safe ,your friend theresa

  4. We were standing right behind you guys at the concert. I too have a pic of Willie in your cool glasses!!!!! AWESOME to know there is a story behind it…..

  5. Hey there! It’s the crazed Willie fan who stood w/ you & your buddy in line & at the show. What an amazing concert, & the glasses situation made it even better! I have some great pics of Willie in the glasses, I’ll email them to you. And I haven’t taken the bandana off since the show. Ha! Kidding. 🙂

  6. lol awesome dude! but, who’re you gonna find that’s
    better than willie? i would say hank but he’s not
    available. 😦

  7. enjoyed the read about the glasses .Willie is a way of life for me !! has been since 1976 .funny how things i experience in life always bring His songs to my mind .unless the) sing w/ Him i pretty much don’t know other artists .it always will be Willie for me . Viva Barbarosa !!

  8. followed this link from your youtube channel. found that through ssyrp. i was a novice when you were a senior. i’m a senior now (last year’s end of the year vid is on my youtube channel by the way: bronxbombers222). also this story is great, and there is plenty of dmb love on scullers still.

  9. Either this story is really cool, or this kid is a loser. I’m pretty sure this guy is single. If your life revolves around trying to get people to wear glasses, time to take a look at yourself.

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