The Good News. (A sermon on Mark 16)   So we have studied for 16 weeks now Mark’s gospel of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. We’ve learned the teachings of the coming Kingdom of God and last week we talked about the cross. Jesus killed on a Roman execution device. Tonight we will talk about resurrection.   16 When the Sabbath … Continue reading The Good News. (A sermon on Mark 16)

Posture. (A sermon on Mark 14) Last week we shifted our eyes to be aware of the purpose of the kingdom of God. Not a passive existence in this life simply waiting for the next one but an active existence because we have been empowered with a beautiful purpose.   32 “But concerning that day or that hour, no one … Continue reading Posture. (A sermon on Mark 14)

The End of the World and An Active Purpose (Mark 13) Here’s how tonight is going to work. Tonight we are going to talk about an event in history that takes place thirty years after the scene we have tonight. And you might be thinking what does that have to do with this text and the end of the world? well… Everything.   So we’re … Continue reading The End of the World and An Active Purpose (Mark 13)

Do you not understand? (Sermon on Mark 8) So the last time I spoke we talked about the purpose of parables. The parable of the sower and how some people hear with their ears but they do not hear in their hearts. They don’t hear in their hearts what Jesus is telling them. Tonight we’ll build off of the stories of … Continue reading Do you not understand? (Sermon on Mark 8)

God wants more Kyles. (Sermon on Mark 4) To watch this sermon click here. So Jessica went to see her favorite band. She spent the entire day waiting in line so she could have front row. Meeting people and discussing all of her favorite songs. Sharing all of her favorite memories. This after all was her eighteenth time seeing the band. She’d never … Continue reading God wants more Kyles. (Sermon on Mark 4)

Eternal Family (Sermon on Mark 3) Click here to watch this sermon:God's Family 1/25/16 The other week on January the 12th at 12:28 pm my good friend Trevor sent me a picture of his tiny little newborn daughter with the caption “God is very very good.”   About fifteen minutes later I replied: Who is this child?   Minutes and … Continue reading Eternal Family (Sermon on Mark 3)

The New Law (Sermon on Mark 2-3) To watch this sermon visit: 1/19/16 Titled: "God's Torah" Last week we talked about many things. We talked about binding and loosing, rabbi’s and yokes, disciples, King Herod, the invitation to be a part of God’s kingdom.   We talked about why the kingdom at be and the Roman Empire are already … Continue reading The New Law (Sermon on Mark 2-3)

Good News. (A sermon on Mark 1.) You can watch the sermon here: Euangelion-1/12/16   On THIS week. In the year 27 BC. January the 16th the nephew of a great Roman politician took office. After his great-uncle was assassinated a will was read stating him to be the adopted heir and successor. Now the significance of this was grand … Continue reading Good News. (A sermon on Mark 1.)