Had to write a speech about me. (SUPER EASY RIGHT!?)

I got graded to talk about myself….Cake.


(had to write it like an outline deal with it)


  1. Attention Grabber: There are two Devon Bailey’s on Internet Movie Database.com also known as Imdb.com. One is an attractive older lady….the other is me.
  2. Today I’m going to tell you about three things I am very passionate about., In doing so I believe you will have a decent image of who I am.
  3. Body
    1. So firstly, to touch on that whole internet movie database thing. I love film.  And more specifically I love making films.  My major is Film. In my free time I work with my friend Freddy making tons of shorts that we upload on line and send to festivals. To not be too braggy, we win…quite often.
    2. Secondly, I have a love for music almost equal to my love for film. Only catch, I’m sadly not a musician. Unless you count the belly drum. I go to several live concerts a year. More specifically I go see the Dave Matthews Band. I have seen them play 13 times. Yes. That is called obsession.  I love live music and in my opinion these guys are the absolute best. On the lines of loving live music I should probably bring up what is for “lack of a better term” my “talent”. This is something I brag about maybe a bit too often. You see, I have these glasses, and I wear them pretty much everywhere and for whatever reason…when I’m at concerts I get the artist to wear them. (Show visual of my blog).
    3. Lastly and absolutely most importantly I love God. I understand that religion can be an uncomfortable thing but I like to think that my relationship with Christ is a strong definer of who I am. I spend what’s left of my free time working for an organization called Young Life. Young Life is a Christian outreach ministry for middle school and high school students. I run a team at Swift Creek Middle School and am a leader for college students training to become Young Life leaders. In regards to my living situation I live with six other Christian guys in a house that we like to call “The Rock”.  It was designed as a sort of “accountability house” and has been around for years. The fellowship of the house aside one of the coolest parts about it is that I only pay $130 a month to live there….and it’s walking distance to the stadium.

III. Conclusion

  1. Review: Hopefully all of this gave you all a faint Idea of who I am. Whether it be movies, music, or Jesus, or you might feel like getting involved with Young Life, there are no other things I love to talk about more. Feel free to ask me about any of them.

B. Clincher: My goal in life is make Christian Films. And let’s face it’s Christian films are usually really crappy. I plan to change that. So hopefully one day you’ll be in a movie theater watching some movie that had some sort of impact on your life and my name will come up in the credits and you’ll think “Hey! That’s the guy who rambled about himself in my speech class at TCC!”, Thank you.

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