Lent, Day 17


It is no small thing to note that Wisdom is feminine. The original language of the texts, both Hebrew and Greek, make this very clear: Hebrew Chochma and Greek Sophia are both feminine nouns. The authors of the Wisdom books took this gender specificity very seriously and envisioned Wisdom as Mother, God’s consort and bride, the Divine Feminine through which the masculine God fashioned all creation. Further, they saw in the union of masculine and feminine a powerful analogy for the greater unity of all in the ineffable Godhead that transcends our imagination.

To keep the power of their language before us I refer to Wisdom as She and to God as He, knowing that it is in the unity of the two that the full Godhead is manifest. It is important that you do not mistake this use of language for something it is not. One should not believe that God is literally male or that Chochma is literally female. We are not dealing with biological facts but theological archetypes residing within each of us. What is needed is a marriage of the two within the individual.

The unity of these forces creates a new person, the divine anthropos, the fully integrated human who is called sage in these Wisdom books. The sage, regardless of gender, is married to Chochma; he or shi is the partner of the Divine Feminine.

You and I have the capacity to be sages. As you read the teachings of Mother Wisdom, know that She is speaking to you, inviting you to Her home, to Her hearth, to Her teachings that you may become a sage. As the Divine Feminine, Wisdom can appear to you as a Mother, Lover, Bride, Sister, or any number of feminine archetypal forms. For me she is Mother above all, and it is as Mother that I most often address Her. Find the image that best suits you, and allow it to open you to the way that leads to the birth of the divine anthropos within you.

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