Lent, Day 16


The other night I was meditating and I realized I was doing the same ole type of prayer. I wasn’t embracing my challenge. I realized I wasn’t inviting myself to meditate in the Divine Feminine. And so I channeled my thoughts.

It hit me like a seizure. My entire body felt electrocuted. A feeling I had not felt so strongly in years. It almost felt like a dream. Perhaps it was. It was like the sense of having chills but turned all the way up.

It was an electrifying embrace of grace. I truly wish I could accurately describe this experience. But it was as if the Spirit wrapped me completely, like a wave that had been growing and growing just to crash on the un-expectant child playing in the ocean. Like a Holy Comforter. Perhaps the shock of it pulled me from learning from it and in it. But I knew I was okay. I knew I belonged.

“There is but one way into life,
and one way out.
So I prayed, and understanding was given to me:
I called upon God, and Wisdom came to me.

I preferred Her to scepters and thrones;
Vast wealth was nothing in comparison to Her.
Before Her, gold is like sand; silver like clay.
I loved her above health and beauty,
and chose Her eternal radiance over the most scintillating light.

All good things came to me with Her,
and I took joy in them because of Her,
but I did not then know She was their Mother.

-Wisdom of Solomon 7:7-12


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