An Appeal before Election Day

My final appeal before Election Day.

Florida Voters, (and voters elsewhere) for the sake of the Republican Party and this Country, y’all really need to vote for someone that’s not in love with Trump. Please hear me on this:

In these times policy is so important but so is the nature and integrity of what leadership is to come.

We have seen DeSantis won’t hold the President or the party accountable. He’s too much of an outspoken fanboy. Being a nice guy that went to Yale does not entitle you to a job.

If you believe in smaller government, is it too far a stretch to remind you that you can have that without the circus, the vile, the racism, the fear mongering of the current shape of things? This is the Republican Party that I hope and believe can exist some day. But I’m not holding out for that.

If our leaders won’t hold racism accountable, if they won’t protect our environment, or our children, if they won’t look after the least of these, the sick and needy, if they won’t confront those who disrespect women, if they won’t do all in their power to find ways to welcome the stranger, if they can’t speak of safety without leading their followers to fear of an entire people, then as a Christian we have an imperative to make sure such people aren’t given the keys to power.

The current shape of the Republican Party beckons us to insert accountability into the political structure of our nation.

“Voting Democratic Party straight down the ticket for one election as a check on power for the sake of the marginalized is not the same as pledging allegiance to a political party in perpetuity.”-Nish Weiseth

“I just don’t see how saying, “please, vote against the party that is actively promoting white nationalism” is in conflict with my commitment to the lordship of Christ. I’m not advocating a decades-long marriage between the church & the democratic party. I’m just encouraging everyone I know – Christian, Jew, Muslim, people of no faith – to do their part to stop what’s happening. I’m not the only one who thinks the Republican Party needs to face some political consequences to aligning with Bannon-style ethno-nationalism. Republicans will continue the racist, fear-based nationalistic rhetoric as long as it “works” politically. It’s our job to make sure it doesn’t. This election is a referendum on what the GOP has become under Trump. If you like it, vote red; if you don’t, vote blue.

Finally, Republicans have shown no interest in holding this administration accountable, even when it deliberately traumatized children at the border. Emboldened, and with no accountability, I believe it is capable of even worse human rights abuses.”-Rachel Held Evans

One of the holiest acts a Christian in America can do right now is to lift the President up in prayer and distance themselves from him and his agenda.

Christ has called us to love and look after those whom President Trump and too many Republicans have called us to fear. I do not believe Christ calls us into partisanship but we as Christians have been called to stand against too much of what the current Republican Party has emboldened and encouraged.

We need to say something and do something about this for the sake of our witness. For the sake of those who see Christians right now and are told the wrong story about Jesus.

I’m not promoting that the Democrats will tell the right story about Jesus, merely that voting against those who claim Christ and create a a violent and fearful Empire rather than God’s loving Kingdom need to be stopped. That those who use their power to spew rhetoric that vilifies the very people whom Christ called us to love need to be stopped. Need to be transformed by the loss of their influence. Need to be removed of their power and influence. Need to be held accountable.

Consider that strongly when you vote.

This isn’t about which party I prefer or would vote for on any given year. This is about this moment and the way things currently stand.

The easiest way to honor Christ is to love one another. To love those whom he taught us to love. The marginalized, the immigrant, the women, the children, the orphan and widow. That means promoting leadership that honors these people as people. Not as leaches. Not as invaders. Not as those we all must fear.

Hold power accountable like the Prophet Nathan held King David accountable. Call out the abuse of power. Call out the mistreatment and vilification of others. Stand up for others. Love fiercely. Vote for leaders that will do this.

Vote for your neighbors’ America too. The one that is becoming more and more violent and repressive towards their communities.

Hear me clearly, I’m not asking for Christians to align with the Democratic Party because lord knows they need some serious work themselves. I’m asking you to elect leadership that can get us back on track. And right now that means telling the GOP that they can’t get away with how far they’ve allowed us to fall. That means voting for leaders who can stand up to racism and the violence and anti-Christ rhetoric of the current power. That means by and large not Republicans right now. It’s a fact that I mourn.

Pray over this decision. Think of your neighbor. Think of the whole world whom God so loved.

We can do better and we must. Whether you’re a conservative or a liberal, we can do so much better than what we have now. Settle for nothing less.

Vote on Tuesday for nothing less.

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