Lent, Day 30

Lent: The Divine Feminine, Day 30

Why bother with any of this?

What is there to gain by understanding God in terms of the feminine?

The goal here of course is not to replace the masculine. Nor diminish the masculine. Rather the same goal of Feminism in our culture should be sought in divinity. We need to bring back to union the masculine and the feminine. Is there ever unity when people are consider lesser? Has Shalom been found?

If we can dwell in the masculinity and the femininity of God, we will begin to piece it together in each other.

Reaching such an awareness is part of salvation.

In Christ there is no male or female. How can we be one body, yet without a superior sex?

Salvation it seems is found in the unity and the reconciliation of all things.

Let us reconcile the Divine Feminine in our lives so that we may find the unity of all things in Christ.

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