Lent, Day 28

Lent: The Divine Feminine, Day 28

Hosea 13:8

“Like a bear robbed of her cubs, I will attack them and tear them asunder…”

The other day I was pulling into a parking spot as a mother and her little child were walking into the store.

She yanked her child closely in and gave me the most offended look. Seemingly I trusted my ability to not hit her and her child more than she did. She mumbled some words under her breath as she kept walking.

Now I know that this women didn’t hate me, but I experienced her wrath nonetheless. Don’t threaten to harm a mother and her child. The sensitivities of mothers often equate to a harsh ferocity of protection for that which they love most.

Is God like these mothers? Is this her Wrath? Like a parent who desires infinite possibility and protection for her kids does conflict bring out her wrath?

What happens when we are all God’s children? Do we receive both love and wrath? Would a mother protect one child more than another? Or would she wrap each of us into her arms and draw us towards peace and reconciliation?

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