An open letter to those who have the world against them.

Picture 6


This rock we call home is against us.

It is broken.

It is darkness.

It is the ongoing calamity that throws punches at each and every single one of us.

And at one point or another we all will lose in that fight.

For some of us, this loss feels like the most lonely experience of our life.

You look around and feel as though nobody understands. Nobody cares. Nobody notices.

Some have been taken so low that they feel the only way that anyone can understand you is if you make others feel your pain. Then they will understand. Then they see my suffering.

Your primary intent may not even be to hurt but to simply open the eyes of others.

If you have these thoughts or have ever considered taking this action my heart breaks for you.

It genuinely hurts me.

Because you have been left alone without the knowledge that you are NEVER alone in this life.

I have done my best to live a life of sharing that knowledge.

I’m not talking about Religion. I’m not talking about all the messed up ideas that come to your head. I’m talking about having something that is in a constant relationship to your sufferings. Something that understands. Something that was broken. Something that suffered. Something that hurt. Something that HATED that darkness so much, understood that darkness, and brought the brightest story of understanding the world has ever known.

Something that wanted the whole world, now and forever, to know that they are not alone in that fight. That instead of creating more victims became a victim. Something that when we are at the deepest of our loss, our hurt, our suffering can come by our side and say “Me too.” I have been there. I understand what you are going through.

I was hated.

I was mocked.

I was outcast.

I was beaten.

The world was against ME.

And I overcame it for you.

The most profound word in the history of this rock we call home was spoken some 2,000 years ago.




It means God. With. Us.


The one that so often we feel like blaming. The one you may even hate for the thought that he has put you through this. The one you feel like is against you.

He is with us.

He is for us.

For you.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)

That God lived in this broken world that you experience.

He experienced life.

He experienced death.

When you feel alone in your suffering or your persecution please read the story or look at a picture of the cross.

Understand your Creator placed there on that wood can understand. He can say “Me too.”

You are not alone.

We are not alone.

God is with us.

& God is for us.


Tonight I pray for another God breathed creation who lost this fight. Who felt too much pain and lost to the darkness.

Tonight I pray for all to find the Light who has already won the fight for us.





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