A forgotten thought…


The below I found tucked away in my Bible. I wrote it earlier this summer.
It’s short but it works for me. If you’ve read any of the last posts of mine you would gather that I’ve been restyling with the diversity and often divisiveness of this huge group of people called the church. At a camp over the summer I was sort of hit in the head with this thought:

“Tonight I sat down and just listened to God at work. High school boys and girls screaming and playing. Being thrown off the blob or the zip-line. I felt such warmth and happiness at the awesomeness of God at work.

It then occurred to me (and even made me joyful) that sin was also happening all around me. Boys and girls lusting, cussing, making themselves above others.

It occurred to me that I was seeing the filth and rejoicing in God’s cleansing of it. The more messy it could be, the more amazed I would be.

This is how I think God would like me to think about the direction of the church. To rid myself of cynicism and find my joy in His cleansing.”

Christians have a way (good and bad) of harping on an issue and losing focus on the bigger things. For this particular Christian my issue is the church. But how could I look at one in a certain and beautiful light but flat out near reject the other for in my eyes being in a very similar circumstance. No people are perfect.

But God does the most beautiful things with imperfections.

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