Do Better YoungLife.

My first draft of this was over ten pages. I hope you feel the grace that went into cutting it in half. Over the last week I have seen so many brave people come forward with stories of the ways in which YoungLife has hurt them. I feel it is important to say none of … Continue reading Do Better YoungLife.

“I am with you always.” (A final Young Life talk)

Ten years ago. That’d be one decade ago. You all were bout 5,6, or 7 to really paint the picture. School was letting out at Chiles High School. Most of my friends didn’t take the bus so we would all wait by the car pickup. We’d talk about sports, tv, movies, girls, music. Our flip … Continue reading “I am with you always.” (A final Young Life talk)


A little boy filled with curiosity asks his parents "the question". "Mommy, where did I come from." The mother replies "Jesus gave you to me." The child responds "Oh yeah, I remember walking with Jesus in heaven on the golden road and picking you to be my parents"....This, is my earliest memory. I was in … Continue reading me.