The New Law (Sermon on Mark 2-3) To watch this sermon visit: 1/19/16 Titled: "God's Torah" Last week we talked about many things. We talked about binding and loosing, rabbi’s and yokes, disciples, King Herod, the invitation to be a part of God’s kingdom.   We talked about why the kingdom at be and the Roman Empire are already … Continue reading The New Law (Sermon on Mark 2-3)

Good News. (A sermon on Mark 1.) You can watch the sermon here: Euangelion-1/12/16   On THIS week. In the year 27 BC. January the 16th the nephew of a great Roman politician took office. After his great-uncle was assassinated a will was read stating him to be the adopted heir and successor. Now the significance of this was grand … Continue reading Good News. (A sermon on Mark 1.)